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CBD for animals



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Broad Spectrum CBD from Organic Hemp Gro
Snoop's Chews, CBD Treats for Dogs


Snoop’s Chews CbD dog treats - Pack of 6 chews - 2mg per chew
Snoop's CBD Dog Chews

Pack of 6 chews

2 mg CBD per chew


Formulated by a veterinarian, beef-flavored Snoop’s Chews are soft CBD treats just for dogs and are a favorite of the real Snoop, Free State Oils’ Top Dog (pictured on our label). They provide a broad-spectrum profile of synergistic compounds that are in all of our USDA-Certified Organically-Grown CBD products. Easy to digest and great for nervous dogs, dogs with pain issues and much more.

 CBD tinctures for dogs and cats

Do you have a Nervous Nellie or Fraidy Freddy in your household? CBD can have a calming effect on canines and felines. This tincture has been specially formulated to help your dog or cat with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, age-related issues and overall health or wellness issues. Our broad-spectrum tincture is created with USDA-Certified Organic Hemp, grown in the United States. Like all Free State Oils products, these tinctures contain 0% THC.

Eli's Drops - CBD Tincture for Cats
Snoop's Drops - CBD Tincture for Dogs

 CBD pellets for farm animals

Created by a veterinarian, Whisper’s Soothing Grains CBD Pellets for Farm Animals are formulated for horses, swine, poultry and other farm animals and pets. They provide the same broad-spectrum profile of compounds found in all Free State Oils’ products, in a pellet created from post-extraction hemp meal.


This Free State Oils supplement is specially formulated to help animals with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, age-related issues, and overall health or wellness issues.

  • Available in two sizes:
    28 teaspoons (a 2 week supply for a horse) 

  • 120 teaspoons (a 2 month supply for a horse)

  • 7.5 mg CBD per teaspoon

  • Consult your veterinarian to be sure of dosage for your particular animal

CBD for Farm Animals


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